Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Global DRAM Market Report Says Mobile DRAM to be Mainstream throughout 2016 with Over 40% Shipment Share

According to the report Global DRAM Market Supply and Demand Forecast, 1H 2016 for smartphones has taken over 40% of the overall shipments since the second quarter of 2015. Apple and Samsung both increased the DRAM capacity in their flagship products. For example, Samsung Galaxy 6 has 3GB memory while Galaxy Note 5 has 4GB memory. In addition, Apple's iPhone 6S and iPhone SE have doubled their DRAM capacity to 2GB compared to the 1GB in iPhone 6.

While the global smartphone market has had a subdued growth, worldwide sales of notebook PCs and desktop PCs—both use commodity DRAM—have been on the decline. Hence, it is expected that mobile DRAM will continue to take up over 40% of the overall DRAM shipments throughout 2016, outpacing commodity and specialty DRAMs.

The report includes DRAM Market volume, supply and demand forecast, sufficiency ratio, demand share by application and product type, and bit shipment of major DRAM vendors. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with DRAM vendors.

Companies covered
Micron, Nanya, Samsung, SK Hynix

Global DRAM Demand, 1Q 2015 - 4Q 2016
Global DRAM Demand Share by Application, 1Q 2015 - 4Q 2016
Global DRAM Demand Share by Product Type, 1Q 2015 - 2Q 2016
Global DRAM Supply and Demand Forecast, 1Q 2015 - 4Q 2016
Global DRAM Bit Shipment of Major Vendors. 1Q 2015 - 4Q 2016

Copy of the Report is Available at http://www.sandlerresearch.org/purchase?rname=54274 .