Friday, 26 August 2016

Augmented Reality Smartglasses Market Shipments to Top One Million Units Forecasts to 2018

This year's CES and MWC both reported an increase in the number of exhibitors for Augmented Reality Smartglasses Market, growing from only a handful to more than 100 vendors showcasing prototypes, samples, and final products, according to report “Development Trends of Augmented Reality Smartglasses”.

Although AR and VR can oftentimes be blurred, they have significant differences that should not be overlooked. VR headsets are mainly used for gaming purposes, while Augmented Reality smartglasses have redirected their use to enterprise market.

As AR companies continue to enhance basic and advanced features for the enterprise market and make improvements to draw individual consumers, smartglasses is anticipated to become more widely accepted," report explains. "The increase of business uses and growth of shipment volume will in turn stimulate the development of key components and bring down production cost. As such, it is predicted that by 2018, shipment volume of smartglasses will reach 1 million units.

The launch of Google Glass at Google I/O 2012 has brought a fresh new outlook to the head-mounted display and wearables industry. Despite Google’s decision to terminate production and sales later in 2015, the development of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and head-mounted displays has continued uninterrupted.

This report provides an overview of the latest development of AR and VR smartglasses and examines the potential of smartglasses in the future.

List of Topics:
Latest development of augmented reality smartglasses and includes accumulated shipment volume forecast by market sector for the period 2015-2020
Development timeline of key vendors in different development phases, mainly Google and Microsoft
Analysis of key issues that is likely to affect the potential of augmented reality smartglasses

Companies covered
Atheer, Caputer, DAQRI, Epson, Facebook, Fujitsu, Glass Up, Google, Intel, Konica, Minolta, Kopin, Laster, LG, Lumus, Magic Leap, Meta Company, Microsoft, Mirama, ODG, Optinvent, Recon Instruments, Seebright, Skully, Sony, Telepathy, Theia, Toshiba, Vuzix, Zebra

Development Trends of Augmented Reality Smartglasses
1.Overview of the AR Market
1.1 Product Positioning
1.2 Market Development

2. Development of the AR Industry
2.1 Key Vendors in the AR Industry
2.2 Development of Key Players
2.2.1 Google
2.2.2 Microsoft

3. Key Issues
3.1 End User Market Segmentation
3.2 Development of Product and Technology

MIC Perspective
Enterprise AR Market Shipments to Top One Million Units by 2018
Taiwan to Find AR Opportunity in Key Components and End Products
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Tables
Table 1: Analysis of Key AR Vendors and Their Solutions

List of Figures
Figure 1: Illustration of Head-mounted Display
Figure 2: Accumulated Shipment Volume of Worldwide AR Smartglasses by Market Sector, 2015 - 2020
Figure 3: Development of Key AR Smartglasses Vendors
Figure 4: Development of Google AR/VR Products
Figure 5: Development of Microsoft HoloLens
Figure 6: Customer Preferences on Product Features

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