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Global Information Service / IT Software Market Worth Nearly US $950 Billion by 2019

Global information service market is expected to grow steadily from US$836.8 billion in 2016 to US$948.9 billion in 2019, representing a CAGR growth of 4.4%.

While cloud computing and Big Data remain the mainstream in the global information service market, IoT applications are growing near maturity to play an increasingly important role in boosting growth," Lee explains. "Nevertheless, big data, cloud computing, mobile applications, smart connected devices are expected to be key growth enablers in the new few years.

The Taiwanese IT software markets can be categorized based on functionality and service delivery methods. IT software refers to any software solutions that are provided to best fit user needs in the IT market, including application software, security software, database software, and software development kit.

This report provides an overview of the Taiwanese IT software market, touching on the market trends and the development of major players in the areas of enterprise, packaged, and embedded software; examines opportunities and challenges of major players in these areas.

List of Topics
Development of Taiwan’s IT software market, comprising of enterprise software, packaged software and embedded software segments, and places focus on major trends, key players, and future outlook of those individual segments.
Taiwan’s IT software market value forecast by segment until 2018, as well as gaming software, mobile apps, and video software, and includes CAGR by segment from 2013-2018.
Development of Taiwan’s major players by sector in the IT software market, such as DSC, ICSC (InfoChamp Systems), Syscom, Mitake, Trend Micro, PenPower, Cyberlink, Adobe, and Chunghwa Telecom, Advantech.
In-depth analysis of opportunities and challenges currently facing the industry.

Companies covered
Acer, AGAiT Technology, Apple, ASUS Cloud, Chain Sea, China Telecom, China UnionPay, CHT, CIJ, CloudMaster Co., Ltd., CTBC Bank, CyberSoft, Data Systems Consulting, Elta Technology, Enspyre, Ericsson, E-Surfing, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, FET, GE, GSS, HwaCom Systems Inc., IBM, ITRI, ITTS, KPMG, Krung Thai Bank, Metalligence Technology, Mirle Automation Corporation, MiTAC Communication, MiTAC Information Technology Corp., Mitsubishi, Quanta Computer, Ring Line Corp., SAP, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Siemens, Sino Dragon New Energy, Splunk, STI, Symbio, Symphox, Information, Sysage, Systex, Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd., Taiwan User Friendly Services & Technologies Co., Ltd., Tatung Company, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., Teleexpress, The Syscom Group, THSR, Tokai Group, Toplogis Inc., TRA, TSTi, Wistron, Wistron ITS

1. Overview Development
1.1 IT Software Market Development
1.1.1 Enterprise Software
1.1.2 Packaged Software
1.2 Industry Ecosystem

2. Taiwanese IT Software Market
2.1 Enterprise Software
2.1.1 Market Trends
2.1.2 Development of Major Players in Taiwan
2.1.3 Future Outlook
2.2 Packaged Software
2.2.1 Productivity Software
2.2.2 Gaming Software
2.2.3 Mobile Apps
2.3 Embedded Software
2.3.1 Market Trends
2.3.2 Development of Major Players in Taiwan
2.3.3 Future Outlook

3. Future Trends and Challenges
3.1 Market Trends
3.2 Development Opportunities
3.2.1 Enterprise Software
3.2.2 Packaged Software
3.2.3 Embedded Software
3.3 Challenges
3.3.1 Industry is Full of Small-Sized Enterprises with Low Economies of Scale and Insufficient R&D Capacity
3.3.2 Think Locally, Yet to Act Globally
3.3.3 Chinese Market Creates Fresh Opportunities for Taiwanese Companies amid Fierce Competition

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Tables
Table 1: 2014 Google Play Top Apps in Taiwan
Table 2: 2014 App Store Top iPhone Apps in Taiwan
Table 3: Development of the Taiwan IT Software Market by Segment

List of Figures
Figure 1: Taiwan IT Software Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 2: Taiwan Enterprise Software Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 3: Taiwan Packaged Software Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 4: Taiwan Information Service and Software Industry Ecosystem
Figure 5: Investments in Enterprise Software by Industry
Figure 6: Taiwan Gaming Software Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 7: Taiwan Mobile Apps Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 8: Taiwan Video Software Market Value, 2013-2018
Figure 9: Emerging Biometric Technologies
Figure 10: WISE-PaaS IoT Solution Developed by Advantech

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